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Collaboration. Authenticity. Expertise.

These strengths allow us to answer important questions, eliminate fears, and design an individually-tailored plan that assures a stronger future for you and your family.

We believe the most valuable ideas begin with partnerships.

Our long-term care solutions are designed with input from both our clients and their advisors. As your advocate, we know that a collaborative approach builds trust, reduces challenges and uncertainties, and enhances confidence in your financial future. We thrive on partnering with advisors who bring more value to you and your retirement vision – and we enjoy working together to design solutions that reduce risks and ensure the future you want.

Clients call Bill the “anti-agent,” because it’s never about a transaction.

To help clear the hurdles to your ideal future, Bill and his team take the time to understand your hopes, fears and priorities – the foundation of a lasting relationship. What we do is always personal, and we believe in direct and open communication – and in always providing an honest perspective. You can count on us to treat your dreams with integrity and care – and to offer carefully considered solutions that will help make those dreams a reality.

Every retirement dream is unique – and deserves expert guidance to make it a reality.

We know that no two clients are alike, and therefore, there’s no one-size-fits all solution. We are flexible in our thinking and receptive to new ideas that meet your specific needs and maximize value. With the right resources at our disposal and a deep understanding of the evolving challenges and innovations in the insurance industry, we deliver results that are creative, prudent and effective in laying the foundation for a secure, confident future.