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Passionate about Your Future. Innovative about Your Options.

Given the many unknowns and challenges of long-term health care, I believe that a heavy dose of passion, expertise, creativity and straight-talk about your unique retirement needs can help build the future you want.

My personal mission is to help clients live out their dreams.

“You get everything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.” 
~ Zig Ziglar, author and motivational speaker

I believe that at W. R. Borton & Associates, we help people get what they need, so that they are free to get what they want.

I started W. R. Borton & Associates in 2011, but the idea for this specialized career path was sparked when a close friend of mine – a 74-year-old retired executive – asked for my quick support in obtaining reliable long-term care insurance. Even though I wasn’t very familiar with this type of insurance, I wanted to help.

My research revealed the stark realities associated with how many Americans spend their final days. I learned that a lifetime of working and saving can easily disappear in a matter of months. Oddly enough, living longer, for millions of Americans, may be one the greatest crises facing our society today.

I also discovered there is a “huge hole” in the health care plans of nearly every American. About 7 out of 10 of us will die inconveniently, and the financial tragedy that often results can be devastating.

My research brought back strong memories of witnessing both my parents suffer the downward spiral brought on by dementia. My siblings and I mourned their loss – while they were still alive. The burden of sustaining their lives was huge – emotional, physical, psychological and financial. We lived in fear that our parents would outlive their assets and suffer potentially devastating consequences.

The more I learned about this overwhelming unmet need, the more I became sure that I had found my true calling. Armed with a strong insurance and risk management background – and driven by a growing passion for filling the “huge hole” for as many people as possible – I assembled a team that is dedicated to helping older Americans preserve the assets they have spent a lifetime accumulating. This team today is absolutely passionate about helping all our clients Live Better, Longer.