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Want to Live Better, Longer?

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Why Everyone Needs a Long-Term Care Plan

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Can You Afford to Retire?

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Bill in the News

Bill was interviewed in Barron’s (June 2019) about traditional long-term care insurance is being rapidly supplanted by so-called hybrid policies, which combine life insurance with a long-term care benefits rider, and can be a great option for higher-net-worth individuals.
“The hybrids are increasing their sales dramatically, while traditional long-term care is shrinking in the marketplace,” explains Bill.


A Refreshing Voice in the Modern Insurance World

You’ll find us pretty short on the typical sales pitches around here, but long on expertise, straight-talk and collaboration. Most of our clients come to us with a very clear vision of what they want their retirement to look like, but they’re also aware of the hurdles that stand in the way. At W. R. Borton & Associates, quite simply, we clear those hurdles for our clients. Yes, the tangible outcome of our work may be insurance solutions and asset-protection strategies – but what we really care about is offering our clients a clear, confident path to their desired futures. No matter how big the hurdles – or how bright the dream – you can count on us as your advocate…on the ball and in your corner.

Retirement Income: Got Enough?

Baby Boomers fear running out of money more than they fear dying. Will you have enough? How do you know? We can create a personalized Income for Life Report.

Medicare Plans: Choose Carefully

Turning 65? Your health insurance is about to change. If Medicare has you confused, we can help you understand the “alphabet soup” and make the appropriate choices.

Long Term Care: Plan Now

You think you won’t need long-term care? Think again. You think Medicare will pay for it? It doesn’t. Why risk being a burden on your family? Let’s have a conversation.

Tip of the Month

Be sure to watch Bill’s TV show, Called Live Better Longer, each Tuesday at 11 a.m. on RVN-TV.

The title of the show says it all – find out many different ways to improve your quality of life. 

Watch the latest episodes here.

The Predicament

We know Americans are living longer, but not necessarily better. Our clients face the very real risk of outliving their assets because of rising healthcare costs, the need for long-term care, or simply living longer than anticipated. How well these risks are managed can make all the difference between living a comfortable and confident retirement, or running out of money later in life.

Don’t Wait – Complete your Team! Your financial advisor may be doing a great job of managing your assets, but it’s not the same thing as retirement income planning. We collaborate with your existing advisors to design individually tailored solutions that help mitigate these risks and ensure the future you want.

Rewire the Way You Think About Retirement

Rewire the Way You Think About Retirement

In the introduction to his new book, my friend and colleague Jamie Hopkins asks “Can you visualize retirement?” He says most of us can’t, which makes retirement planning “like hitting a moving target in the wind”. It’s important to acknowledge that moving from the...

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Laundry Tubs and Living Better, Longer

Laundry Tubs and Living Better, Longer

During a recent conversation with a friend she admitted, “I still don’t really understand what you do. So, you sell insurance?” To make it easier, I suggested the image of a laundry tub. I said to her, “If you want to fill your laundry tub with water, what’s the first...

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Can I Afford to Retire?

We hear this question from our clients more than any other. We get it. The lessons from the market crash of 2008 are still fresh and raw. There’s been a sharp uptick in the fear surrounding outliving retirement income. Even more, uncertainties around market volatility, taxes, inflation, and health care costs have many Americans searching for answers.

We also know that despite these hurdles, you can still visualize your ideal future. We aim to be the partner you trust to help you build a plan to get there. We utilize proprietary software that maps out your entire retirement income picture on one simple page. We can also clearly show how each guaranteed source of income (Social Security, pensions, etc.) will play out under varying life circumstances, such as a layoff, retirement, loss of pension, or the death of a spouse.

Request a private retirement income planning consultation, and we’ll generate your personalized “Income for Life” report. This is a free offer and is without obligation.