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Your retirement holds many unknowns…

Take tangible steps today to assure a more secure tomorrow.

The Predicament

The many uncertainties and variables of retirement planning can lead to a long list of “What if…?” questions as you think about your future. What if I’m forced to retire earlier than expected – because of declining health or loss of employment? What if my spouse or I need long-term care? What if I outlive my assets?

And a very big question on your mind is likely, How much do I need to assure a secure future? This is a question with no simple answer, as life doesn’t come with a crystal ball. For example, you don’t know…

Helping our clients

How long you (or your spouse) are going to live – Try out the LivingTo100.com “Living Expectancy Calculator” (which also happens to include some advice for healthier living)

What the market will bring – We all know it goes up and down, but timing market swings is nearly impossible.

If you or your spouse will need long-term care – orif you do, whether you’ll be able to stay in your home.

What your taxes will be, or how bad inflation will bite.

And the list goes on.

Alleviate Uncertainty with Proactive Planning

There are at least four significant risks that can be reduced, or eliminated:

  1. Longevity – outliving your savings because you didn’t plan to live so long
  2. Healthcare costs – unplanned medical expenses and increasing Medicare costs that erode your nest egg
  3. Long-term care – the high probability that you will need expensive help with daily living at some point
  4. Sequence of returns – the severe impact that market volatility can have on a retirement income plan

A More Complete Team. A More Secure Future.

Your financial advisor may be doing a great job of managing your assets, but it’s not the same thing as retirement income planning. Many wealth managers tend to focus on growing and diversifying assets, but overlook the risks mentioned above. At W. R. Borton & Associates, we collaborate with your existing advisors to design individually tailored solutions that help mitigate these risks and ensure the future you want.

To increase the odds you can live better longer, retirement risk management must go hand-in-hand with retirement income planning.

So, while we can’t give you a crystal ball, what we can do is help you identify the risks that together, we can do something about – and design individually tailored solutions to mitigate or minimize those risks. With a solid plan in place, the “what if” questions disappear – and you have a clear line of sight to a secure and happy future.

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