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In 2018, Bill was recognized by the American College of Financial Services (Bryn Mawr, PA), as an expert in long-term care planning and insurance and he collaborated with colleagues several times during the year.

With Jamie Hopkins, Director of Retirement Research at Carson Group (and former Director of the American College’s New York Life Center for Retirement Income), and David Littell, Retirement Income Program Director at the American College, Bill provided expertise and commentary in a series of videos about long-term care planning and insurance for the College’s Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) curriculum library.

Bill also was tapped by Hopkins to provide his insight into an article that appeared in Forbes Magazine, in response to a Wall Street Journal piece: Why the WSJ is wrong about Long-Term Care Planning.

Bill also participated in an American College webcast, where he presented a detailed explanation of the various types of hybrid long-term care insurance policies to an audience of over 1,000 financial advisors and insurance producers. The year wrapped up with yet another contribution to a Hopkins article in Forbes Magazine on the increasing popularity of hybrids for long-term care funding.

In his latest edition of Live Better Longer, Bill provides a brief recap of 2018 activity and then explains the two primary types of “hybrid” long-term care insurance.

For your viewing pleasure: